4th Apr 2014

Awesome in Manila: March 2014 roundup

Bag O’ Shrimps finally opened (softly) at the Tuscany side of things in McKinley! We’ve been looking forward to this recent addition to McKinley Hill’s small but interesting array of food choices since we saw the sign. And why the hell nut? The name alone promises bags of happiness in crustacean form <3 The only people I know who don’t eat shrimp are the ones that can’t (allergies) and even they break the rules every once in a while!
Reflections: Stormborn book review, personal
"It isn’t the circumstance that matters; it is God in the circumstance. It isn’t the words; it is God speaking in them. It wasn’t the mud that healed the eyes of the blind man; it was the finger of God in the mud. The cradle and the cross were as common as grass. What made them holy was the one laid upon them. The dove and the gull weren’t special. But the one who sent them was."
Lugang Cafe restaurant review
I read somewhere that Lugang Café is the best contemporary Taiwanese restaurant in Manila. Stripped away of the politics of things, I’ve always assumed Singapore and Taiwan’s cuisines are basically Chinese. And since you know how crazy I am with Chinese (food), the usual frustration of choosing where to eat was easily settled that day!

But if there’s any consolation, it’s probably that I’ve learned to entertain my emotions less. Feelings, they just come and it’s not like you can decide them away, but what you do about them is a choice.

Art in the Park 2014 event
There should be more gatherings like Art in the Park, which seeks to share this world of pretty <3 to the general public. Art is becoming less snooty and more welcoming, as the average person becomes less cynical and more appreciative.
DiksyonaryoAtbp’s Summer Reading Camp 2014 event

"These kids appreciate everything, and even the littlest of things mean the world to them. When I realize that and when they tell me how appreciative they are of whatever little help we can extend, I feel that we are blessed more because we are given love in return."

22nd Mar 2014

Awesome in Manila: February 2014 roundup


Wai Ying restaurant review


So together with three of my longest-time friends, I braved the busy streets of Binondo, for once not minding people traffic and the seemingly futile search for restaurants with empty tables. We actually enjoyed all the fuss that I’d normally come to curse. We ended up walking all the way to Sta Cruz (near Hope Christian School), when the farthest we’d usually go was La Mien’s street. We were bent on having good food that afternoon, and between Wai Ying and other names in the area, the former was the clear winner for our feasting-ready appetites.

The timelessness of R.M.R.’s Letters to a Young Poet book

It’s a little over 3 A.M. and as much as I would like to say I don’t know why I’m still wide awake, the fact of the matter is I do. I’ve come down with a flu and when I come down with anything (which very rarely happens), the body never manages to adapt. I would stay conscious until it’s too late to sleep, throwing but I’m tired can You just send a heavenly knockout for me please tantrums all through the night. But I am young and this is something I can take.

7 sensible things I learned, by way of TV TV show


I am a sucker for good quotes, and if you follow me on Twitter that’s a fact you’ve (probably) already started to resent. (Well…unless you consume the same pop culture things that I do.) More than reviews, one good way to get me to check out a movie/book/show is to draw out a really convincing line from it. And it doesn’t even have to be grandiose or profound, just something I can believe. Keeping me on it is another thing - naturally, other elements would factor in.

Art Fair Philippines event


I’m not even gonna try to pretend to have understood half of the things I saw at Art Fair Philippines 2014. Going from piece to piece, all I could think was ooh pretty, can I have this in my room? (Although if I were to steal something, it wouldn’t be any of the stuff on display…heck, it wouldn’t even be a something but a someone. Hihi.)

11th Mar 2014

My Father taught me…

That love isn’t “At least I know who I love.”
That love isn’t “I love you but I love her more now.”

That love is “I love you”. No more, no less.

17th Feb 2014
10 / #100happydays I survived a roomful of 4yos - what&#8217;s another work week? :) :) :)

10 / #100happydays I survived a roomful of 4yos - what’s another work week? :) :) :)

14th Feb 2014
Lion King 3D movie night kind of date!

Lion King 3D movie night kind of date!